What Is The Spellcast Network?

The Spellcast network helps your favorite podcasts survive. It's the first practical method podcasters have to include advertizing in their shows, even when the audience is small. It's the first practical method large advertizers have for placing ads into many, many small podcasts.

The Spellcatcher

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Brand New Tool!

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You'll want to use The Spellbinder

For Podvertizers

Advertizers can reach the most valuable audience of all:podcast downloaders, without wasting valuable time trying to find contact information for thousands of podcasters. Avoid the needless hassle of negotiating terms & technical details when each individual podcast only has audience sizes of a few hundred or less.

I Want To Place Ads In Podcasts

Today is 2012-10-29. The Spellcastin' network is in alpha test, you can upload real ads but no charges are actually placed at this time. You'll need to use a fake test credit card number while the network is in testing, and switch to a real one when the network leaves beta. Podcasters can start to include your real ads now for free, while we all get started and used to using the network. The ads you upload now will be ready for real paid placement in ad slot when the site goes live.

For Podcasters

When many podcasters join together to offer ad slot placements through the Spellcast network, podcasters effectively combine their audiences into one great big audience, finally becoming attractive & practical for large advertizers to spend advertzing dollars with. In this way, everyday podcasters with any kind of niche subject matter and microscopic audiences can still earn some money to support their shows.

Podcasters can also use the Spellcastin' network to place crosspromotional ads with other podcaster's shows. In this way, podcasters can help podcasters grow their audiences by getting the word out.

I Want To Include Ads In My Podcasts

Today is 2012-10-29. The Spellcastin' network is in alpha test, you can schedule ads slots for upcoming shows, but no payments can be made at this time. During this alpha test, you should make a promotional ad ( or three ) for your show & upload it as an advertizement, so other podcasters can play them in their shows. And you should schedule your upcoming episodes with some ad slots so other podcasters can place their promos in your shows. You should also try to include some real ads in your slots while we are in testing. No one has tried this yet, so your tolerance for unexpected failures must be high, Mister "Bleeding Edge Of Technology", you. When the network leaves beta testing & goes live, then the checks can start to flow.

For Podlisteners

Podcast audiences get the Spellcatcher, a podcast download manager that can remain under active development & constant improvement thanks to their participation & use of it. By using the Spellcatcher to download their favorite podcasts, audiences help podcast producers PROVE audience size to advertizers, and thus, earn more money for each ad placement.

Even more reasons to use The Spellcatcher

In fact, the whole reason Ace Frahm created the Spellcastin' network is that all current podcatchers are either dead projects or have serious flaws that make all other choices inferior. Even though the Spellcatcher is in beta development with an ugly interface, it already has one feature that makes it THE podcatcher of choice: an "Only Download Episodes Later Than Date" feature. This helps you avoid tying up your internet connection for days when you add a few new podcasts to your list, as other podcatchers will download the ENTIRE back catalog of outdated episodes.

I Want The Best Podcatcher:The Spellcatcher!

The Spellcatcher is ready for the public to try out.

Questions? Bugs? Feature Requests? acefrahm@spellcast.in